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What if I miss debt repayments?

If a payment for any type of debt is missed, it’s crucial to address it promptly. Typically, companies will reach out to inform you of the missed payment and the associated charges. Additionally, they may inquire about any circumstances that led to the missed payment or explore options to facilitate easier repayment for you.

What is the debt collection process?

Debt collection agencies work differently depending on the company. They vary in how fast they act, how understanding they are, and what steps they might take next. Each agency has its own methods for collecting debt, usually charging fees for missed payments and using other strategies to recoup what’s owed.

What powers do debt collectors have?

Debt collectors don’t possess any legal authority beyond what the original creditor has. Their actions are limited to contacting you through letters and phone calls, similar to the practices of the company you owe money to.

Although they might threaten legal action or even mention sending someone to your home, they’re not permitted to harass you with incessant phone calls or misrepresent their authority.

If you persistently refuse to pay your debt, a debt collection agency can pursue legal action by applying for a County Court Judgment (CCJ).

Debt collector rights

Debt collectors may send a letter saying they’ll send someone to your home, but they can’t force entry. They also can’t demand immediate payment or take anything from you.

If you decide to pay, avoid cash to prevent scams. Instead, contact the agency directly to arrange a payment plan.

While it can be unsettling to have debt collectors show up, you’re not obligated to let them in or answer the door. If you do, they should show ID; if not, you’re within your rights to decline to talk to them.

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